Because we are not partial, and we also love the ladies. We decided to make this list with some really great items, for the guys who want to surprise their girlfriends.

1. Makeup

Guys, makeup is really important, if your girl likes it. One way to make her day is to give her a bunch of it. From MAC or Colorpop lipsticks, eye shadow, bronzers, eye liners, concealers etc. If you need assistance you could ask her friends.

2. Items in her shopping cart

This is one foolproof amazing idea. Most times ladies love some items on the internet, and don’t close the tabs of what they want to buy. Go in, and pay for what’s in her shopping cart. You’re welcome.

3. Personalized jewellery

Nothing says I love you, as well as a piece of personalized quality necklace, bracelet, earring, or ring. This along with something else and a beautiful note, will go a long way in making her happy.

4. Natural hair products

If your girlfriend is #teamnatural, you have your job cut out for you. Get her a bunch of natural hair products, bonnets, shea butter, coconut oil, natural conditioners. There are uncountable things to get. Don’t pass up on the opportunity.

5. Gadgets

Some ladies love their gadgets, ipads, apple watches, fitbits and the like. Think about a gadget she has always talked about and choose which to get, according to your budget.

6. Bundles and wigs

Bundles, hair, weave runs everything. Make your girlfriend happy and get her a couple of bundles of good quality weave or a nice wig for days when she hasn’t made her hair and needs to be on fleek. Thank us later.

7. A spa date

Sometimes the economy, traffic, work and every single thing stresses your girlfriend out and she may get really cranky. Get a spa date for both of you. Full body massages, facials, manicure and pedicure, nails and spend some quality time with her all through it. Wining both ways!

8. Shoes

Shoes bro! They have a special place in their hearts. Get her a special pair of shoes she really wants. Tip: If you don’t want to splurge a huge amount on just one pair, split it into three and get her three different shoes, give her at random times during the day. She will thank you later.

9. Take her shopping

This one is pretty overlooked by a lot of guys. Incase you don’t know what to get her, take her shopping, galleria, palms, the mall anywhere you think you can afford. Be smart about it too!

10. Engagement

Oh yeah! We went there. Don’t you think it will be nice to propose to her over dinner on Valentine’s day. That will make it a day to remember. Go get that ring and live happily ever after.


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