There are only a few people in Lagos who will claim to never have been to a ‘buka’ or ‘mama put’ place. For those that are regulars and those that want to try them out, we made a list of top places to try out. Thank us later.

1. White House – Sabo Yaba

This place serves the whole of the Yaba area and beyond, people are addicted to it. Wives come to buy meals for their husbands and the home here. Convinced yet?

2. Ajisafe – Ikeja
They have this rice and stew combination that will make you keep going back for more. They have a variety of options and it is usually very hard to stay fully awake after you eat here. Satisfying.

3. Ghana High – Lagos Island

This place gives the island people a very good alternative to going all the way to the mainland for buka food. Ghana high is usually filled with white shirt and suit clad workers hustling to get their favorite dishes.

4. Olaiya – Surulere
When it is time for lunch, it’s pretty much a struggle to get a parking space anywhere around here. The amala and gbegiri with ewedu here tastes like whatever the inventors made.

5. Amala Yahoo – Ogudu

Food here is so good they named it after food. This is the place to go to if you have an addiction or craving for Amala and you want to satisfy it properly.

6. Saudi Food Palace – Bariga

This place crawls with sweet and enjoyable dishes. It’s a little hard to stay away from Saudi once you go there. If it is very close to you, you would probably not want to cook for yourself ever again.

7. Bank Olemoh – Surulere
Looking for designer rice? Or stew to blow your mind away? This is your place. It’s been tried and trusted, the lines there at lunch time will convince you.

8. Defence Car Park Canteen/First Bank Amala – Marina

It’s fondly called First Bank amala. People don’t bother about the name just the food that comes out of the kitchens and the hot, steaming amala. It’s a struggle to eat here and keep your clothes clean. Food so good you want to stay at the canteen till they close.

9. Belgium – Mile 2

Some people just call this place Amala Belgium. Amala so good they had to name it after a foreign country. The food here tastes better than anything you may have had. Of course, they have their signature taste.


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