A few months ago we began the NYSC Diaries, which covered inside life stories of NYSC in Nigeria. Stories like things NYSC corps members can relate to or what to do when you’re posted to a faraway place, like Borno.

A new NYSC batch has been called in for camp. So, everyday by 1:30PM for the next 21 days, one of our writers will be sharing his day-to-day camp experiences.

Earlier this week, I sent out a tweet asking for corp members from other states who read NYSC Diary and would like to contribute their stories to send me a DM and they’d get to write the diary for one day. 

Odufa Agba is a corp member in Dakin Gari, Kebbi state. 

Here’s her Day 14:

4:20 am

It’s not easy going to bed by 11pm and waking up by 3:40am but that’s why I have a personal alarm clock, Tope. People are still trooping to the bathroom but guess what? I’m about to sleep again. Wahala for who no get personal alarm. 

8:35 am

Nobody hummed when they played that Nigeria wake up song today, I almost burst out laughing but I didn’t want to sit on the floor. 

Who serves someone beans and pap when they’re supposed to go for a lecture? 

Wicked people no longer use bombs and guns, they now roam about in the kitchen! 

12:00 pm

One PRO North West something something lady came today. Omo you had to see protocols. Honestly, I didn’t see the need for her visit. Like you just came to gist us what we already know, it’s not fair now. The dance groups actually did well but one aunty with big head sat in front of me so I couldn’t enjoy it as much as I was meant to.

 And the girl that gave the vote of thanks was obviously her daughter because I don’t understand how she know she’s a loving mother. 

PS: We didn’t do SAED today. 

7:05 pm

I’ve not had a lot of time to myself between us preparing for the DG’s visit and me frolicking with boyfriends upandan. The DG is finally here and he’s giving a speech. I don’t know why, but I’m scared that one of the soldiers/bouncers will start shooting and the bullet will hit me because I’m at the front. 

The man sha gave us cow, One Fat Cow! Wahala for who no come life come chop meat. He also gave leader people money. Thank God I made friends with Abiodun, the dance troop leader, and Opeyemi, the parade commander.

We’re going to have to split the money somehow somehow. All my moral support and Strepsils can’t go to waste.

8:55 pm

My friend is participating in Big, Bold and Handsome that means I get to be a personal hanger, manager and PA. I’m walking around with his native wear and trying to cheer him up. Baba was initially scared but he answered his question correctly and the oil on my head is overflowing. I’m a good charm oh, ma fo . 

The Big Bold and Beautiful contestants pulled up and you had to hear the way people were shouting. 

Small asses matter too, you know. 😪

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