There are apps for just about everything these days, and for obvious reasons, dating apps are among the most used. So we got four Nigerians to talk to us about their experiences using dating apps.

Modestus, 28, Straight.

The best part about using Tinder was the ease of matching up and getting to talk with  people around me with similar interests. The weirdest thing was realising just how many people were open to meeting for random sex. 

I mean, it’s fine but people in Lagos are mad. Before you’ll find yourself in a shrine inside a bush. I got tired of saying, “Hey” and getting the reply, “Shey you’re fucking or you’re not fucking?” 

Also, I met a white woman in her mid-twenties who wanted me to treat her like a dog and organise a bunch of guys to, and I quote, “breed” her. I confirmed she was legit on WhatsApp, but she pulled back before I could get over the shock. She was very specific about wanting everything to happen in a dirty motel.

Rebecca, 24, Straight.

I’ve actually had a great experience with Tinder. I enjoy meeting new people, so it’s like being in a grocery store — there are so many options. Plus, once the conversation goes left, it’s easy to ghost. I also love that people I am not interested in cannot message me, but I hate that random people in my area can see my profile . 

I once took an Uber and the driver kept asking if I was an influencer, which I am not, so I was so confused. At a random time during the ride, he yelled, “Tinder. Na there I see your face”. I wanted to enter the seat. He went on to ask me, “So you don find boyfriend, abi make I message you after?” I hid my profile for a couple weeks after that because omo. 

Somi, 19, Pansexual.

The best thing about using dating apps was that it allowed me to express myself more freely than I’ve ever been able to. Online dating sites allow me to connect with people anywhere, and at any time I like. The weirdest thing I discovered on dating sites was that when people find out that I am trans, they struggle or I get outrightly blocked. To them, I am no longer the person they thought I was, to them I’ve deceived and tricked my way into them finding me attractive. If they’d only known, then they’d never have messaged or swiped right so I am to blame?

Itohan, 19, Bisexual.

The best part is getting to meet people. I don’t know how to just meet people, so dating apps helped with that. I especially like that I get to meet people without leaving my house and spending my money. Not until I decide I want to. 

The weirdest thing about it is that people are violently anti-sex-worker and it annoys me and my homegirls. The worst part about dating apps is men. They’re so weird. Like, the comments they make or feel comfortable making because they hide behind a screen is just disgusting.



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