Here’s how it all started:

And because Twitter NG is where humour comes alive, users switched to their comedian personalities and make the rest of us laugh.

Here are some of the most hilarious replies and quoted replies to the tweet:

1. This one about cannibalism

2. What is the context of this video? Nollywood needs to be stopped.

3. Get it? Because he’s IRONman

4. I tried not to laugh but I couldn’t hold it in.

5. Batman slander tweets always hit the hardest.

6. “I don’t think you have the facilities for that, big man.”

7. He’d probably wait for all the others to start running first

8. It’s a win-win for everybody

9. Call who?

10. You probably need some context to understand this meme, but it’s hilarious.

11. “Boys can’t come closer? That’s sad.”

12. Joker, is that you?

13. There couldn’t have been a more accurate time to use this meme

14. I need to know what happened after this video stopped

15. Four Arms? Let’s go!


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