“What’s the most stupid thing you’ve ever done for love?” This is one question a lot of people are too ashamed to answer. The truth is that we have all done stupid things for love.

Anyway, Twitter user @Falilatt_ raised the question again. And the comment thread is full of people confessing the times love pushed them to do anyhow. We brought you the scoop.

The question:

1. Why did this make me think of Titanic?

2. Alexa, play “My Heart Will Go On.”

3. Women are what?

4. Lmao this man sounds really hurt. Lilian do am bad thing.

5. Nothing anyone can tell me. This must be jazz.

6. Continue with what? The schooling or the relationship? We need details!

7. Lee to the mao.

8. This one should be flogged.

9. Oluwa wetin dey happen?

10. I’m dyinggg!

11. Handwritten project? Obara Jesus!

12. Ope from Cowrywise will not be happy to hear this.

13. Did he later go to her hostel? I need to know, so we can decide which cane to flog him with.

14. Ah Jesus. Look at the people you died for.

15. At this point, I think it’s time for me to log out.



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