Becoming a lawyer in Nigeria isn’t easy. First, you have to study law in a Nigerian university for five years, then you go to the Nigerian Law School for a year before you face the bar exams.

It’s little wonder that parents are proud when their children are called to the bar. But do parents really know what their precious children go through in practice?

Yesterday, conversations about the horrible things Nigerian lawyers go through in the hands of their employers flooded Nigerian Twitter. Here are some of the most shocking tweets:

1.This tweet about a lawyer beating up his principal

2. This one is just shocking

3. Custard?

4. Imagine being lucky for earning N15k as a lawyer

5. A lot of people agree with this tweet

6. Part time lawyer, part time janitor?

7. This has to be a joke. Right?

8. Caprisonne?

9. Imagine getting sexually harrased at a job interview

10. Someone said this was their story on Clubhouse yesterday

11. Again with the janitor tweets

12. Even actual masseuses make more money

13. Oh, no

14. Throw the entire law industry in rice, please

15. Suya?

16. Polishing of shoes. Wow.

17. Oh, no.

19. A salary of what?


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