Remember the very first time you walked into the gym? Then I’m sure you’ll be able to relate to these memes. 

You told yourself for the 97th time this year, that you’d go to the gym and build a fitness lifestyle. But even after buying new gym clothes, your friends still didn’t believe you’d actually do it. 

But you prove them wrong and make it to the gym for the first time ever the next Saturday.

You’re excited and hopeful about this new fitness journey you’re about to embark on. 

Only for you to get to the gym and see…

What kind of wahala have you entered like this?

Anyway, you still register and pay for a subscription. Maybe your own won’t reach that level. 

The gym has assigned an instructor to you. Now, you’re listening to him tell you all the exercises you’ll do. At some point, he mentions 250 burpees.

You and who? 

The time has come for you to start exercising, and you’re begging God to help you survive it.  

As you’re working out, somebody walks up to tell you you’re doing the exercise wrongly. 

You continue lifting your weights the way you know how. 

Your body starts to feel the exercise, and now, you’re struggling and vibrating as you try to do your last rep.

You come to the conclusion that weights aren’t for you.

And decide to join the cardio class instead. Big mistake.

This is how your chest is doing you after the class.

Omo, it’s like this gyming thing isn’t for you o.

All you’re thinking about now is the 20k fee you just paid. Would they refund you if you roll on the floor and cry?

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