Yoruba demon = player in this context. One gender has bad PR for being a player so we decided to level the playing field. Kings, if you see any of these signs, it’s a red flag. Immediately nip it in the bud.

1) She communicates when there’s a problem.

It’s a distraction from the fact that she has six of you in her purse that she’s rotating. She can’t afford to waste time too much time on one person.

2) She says fine and actually means it’s fine.

She doesn’t love you enough hence she’s not fighting for it. You mean no small drama? No allowing you to do a bit of display? Hmmm.

3) She doesn’t eat out of your food.

Red flag. Nigerian women show love by eating out of your food. Especially after saying they weren’t interested.

4) Her gifts are not singlet and boxers.


5) She says “I love you.”

If a Nigerian woman loves you, she’ll say she hates you. You see, she’s cheating.

6) She doesn’t say “na so” when you compliment her.

She has been receiving training from her other men and that’s why she’s now used to compliments. If you were the only one on her case, she’d still be shy to compliments.

7) You’re not hearing words like “big head” and “ode.”

She’s calling you baby and you too you are happy? Sorry for you.

8) She’s always laughing.

Kings, ask yourself, are you that funny? or are you the joke? Focus, young king.

Growing up Nigerian


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