Stay at home

We think it goes without saying, but don’t go to a viewing centre to watch the finals. They’ll shade your fave, and you won’t like it.

If must go out, disguise

Just act like you don’t know Arsenal from anywhere. Aren’t you tired of taking Ls every year?

Stay offline

If you go to a viewing centre, it’s you against a few people. But if you go online, it’s you against the whole world. Do what you will with that information.

Watch highlights of the good times on YouTube

We know Arsenal is a regular at the FA Cup finals. But since that’s not happening in 2023, watch highlights of the good old days on YouTube to remind yourself that better days just might be ahead.

Hold a vigil

Prayers are probably what your favourite team needs. Dedicate a whole night to intense praying. And maybe, just maybe, God will deliver Arsenal from the village people of England.

Hang out with your fellow Arsenal fans

Form a support group. The long suffering must be hard for all of you, so there’s no reason you should do it alone. There’s strength in numbers.

Don’t shade Manchester United fans

They’ve always been your biggest opp, and they got their way once again. You really don’t want to say anything that’ll piss them off at this time.

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