Detty December is upon us. And we all know how hectic it can get managing things this season. A thing as simple as paying a bill can slip your mind because you’re so determined to attend that party you know you’re going to die of enjoyment at.

Well, never fear. Because we’re here to show how many bills you can pay using Paga app (Nigeria’s top mobile payment app – and your soon-to-be financial best friend) regardless of where you are at any given time.

1) Internet Bills:

The last thing you want this season is your data running out just as you’re giving your haters a glimpse of the super-cool vacation spot you’re chilling at. Keep your foot firmly on their necks with data from the following IPs: SMILE, Spectranet, SWIFT4G etc.

2) Cable Bills:

No matter what provider you’re under, Paga has you covered. Renew your DStv, GOtv, and Star-Times subscriptions so you can keep up with your favourite shows on the go.

3) Electricity Bills:

Be it AEDC, PHCN, EKEDC, Ikeja Electric, Jos Electricity Distribution PLC, Kano Distribution Company, your buddy Paga has got you covered. Keep the lights at your home base on so the food in the fridge won’t rot before you return from your Detty December adventures.

4) UK Visas and Immigration Government Agency:

Move silently (like the “G” in Lasagna) and make plans to japa from whatever location the inspiration hits you. Enough said.

The app is available for free in the Google and Apple play store.

Click here download and register on the app.


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