Getting to know someone through a talking stage is stressful AF. Does getting good morning texts mean he’s ready to roll out wedding invitations? Is having inside jokes mean you’ll both be laughing together till old age? So many questions.

These plenty questions will be a thing of the past when you realise men of nowadays only leave you unsure when they don’t like you. If they do, they go straight to the point with these actions. 

He’s always craving food

Everyone knows the road to a man’s heart is directly connected to his stomach. If he trusts you enough to tell you he craves foods like pounded yam or hand-ground pepper stew, he’s in love with you.

“When are you coming to see me?”

This is the go-to question of a man who adores the ground you walk on. Why do they always want you to visit, you ask? I don’t know. I just know it’s love.

He encourages you to do all the chores

It doesn’t matter if you have all the money in the world to outsource chores. He wants you to stay in touch with your traditional side.

He doesn’t want you to earn more

So you don’t get too proud and forget he’s your Lord and saviour, of course.

…But also expects you to have money

Because you’ll still need to bring something to the table. Men don’t marry liabilities.

He’s interested in your prayer life

As a wife, you’ll be in charge of praying for the full-grown man you’re married to, and the entire household. He just wants you to live a fulfilled life. #Goals.

He trains you in school

He sent you ₦5k for handouts and lecture notes one time, and you still have doubts about his feelings? Please, dear.

He asks you to hand-wash his clothes

He asks you to use your hands because he doesn’t think washing machines clean clothes well? Wow. You’ve made it, boo. This is the height of his affection for you.

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