Skincare is expensive as hell. I don’t know how the high-maintenance babes do it, because why would you tell me a 20ml bottle of eye serum costs ₦30k? For how many eyes? Shebi it’s to prevent dark circles? They should leave it. My dark circles give my face character.

There really should be cheaper alternatives for babes who want to look good on a budget, and luckily for you, I have just the thing.

Bathing sponge

Everyone knows this sponge can scrub off the top layer of your skin. Who needs a facial scrub or exfoliating serum when you can just use this?

Fall in love with DIY

There’s fulfilment in doing things yourself, or how do the motivational speakers say it sef? Instead of buying Vitamin C serum for ₦20k, just become a woman of science. Buy ₦200 worth of oranges and squeeze out the water. Shebi Vitamin C will be inside? 

Staying indoors > sunscreen

If you want good sunscreen that wouldn’t leave a white cast on your skin and have you looking like Liz Benson from Diamond Ring, you have to drop quality cash.

Or you can stay indoors and leave the outside for the rich people. Sure, you’ll miss normal human interaction, but it’s a small price to pay for affordable beauty.

Vegetable oil is the original glow oil

Hear me out. Vegetable oil is cheaper than every glow oil known to humans, plus your skin will literally shine all day. For best results, start staying indoors before going this route. You know what heat does to cooking oil…

Make friends with bad bitches

Maybe if they like you, they’ll dash you their skincare products or want to film night-time skincare routines for TikTok with you.

Use your man’s vaseline

There has to be juju inside that thing, because how do men get away with using only vaseline and still having perfect skin? 

Concentrate on making money

So you won’t be spending your time reading how to avoid skincare products and just do the right thing.


March 9, 2023 9:00:00

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