I am very anti talking stage. They’re exhausting, and I’d rather have my mind read because I no longer have the energy to talk to any potential romantic partners.

Here are 7 other reasons why the talking stage should be eliminated. 

1. It’s very pretentious.

People lie a lot during the talking stage. You might say you don’t do this but that itself is a lie and Jesus wants you to do better. Why do people feel like they have to lie when getting to know someone? You can’t keep it up forever. Your true colours will show eventually.  The whole thing is so ghetto. 

2. All the information you know about them becomes irrelevant when you guys no longer talk.

You guys stop talking and then you’re stuck with so much data about them that you don’t know what to do with. It’s so annoying. 

3. Failed talking stages can leave you traumatized.

The trauma from another failed talking stage is actually a real thing, you start wondering why you keep attracting all sorts of crazy people. Even worse, you start wondering if you’re the problem, leading to a nervous breakdown. 

4. No one needs to know that much about you. 

If you need to be in a talking stage, please, keep information about you very minimal. You don’t know who’s a psycho who’ll use your data to track and harm you. Sorry, this one is a little dark, but it’s my trauma manifesting.

5. The more talking stages you get into, the more tired you become. 

For real though, a talking stage is going to age you drastically. Spending so much energy talking to potential love interests can take a lot of years off your life expectancy. 

6. Talking stages give off Nigerian Idol audition vibes.

If you’ve ever watched an episode of Nigerian Idol, you’ll know this isn’t a good thing. Talking stages are like auditioning to get picked by subpar people [you might be a subpar person to someone, to be honest], and that’s absolutely sickening, and not in a good way.

7. Anyone who doesn’t love you, at first sight, is not the one for you.

Ignore whatever you’ve heard in the past. Love, at first sight, is the greatest form of love. Don’t go around quoting me, though. Just take my word for it. Anyone who needs to know you deeper before falling in love with you is only in your life to waste your time. Period. 

The more I think about this, the sicker I get. The Talking Stage needs to be eliminated, and it needs to be abolished now. 


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