So I asked a few people “What’s the most Yoruba father thing ever?” and this list shows the absolute best way to identify a Yoruba father.

1. He’s always shouting on the phone

No matter how personal the conversation is, they’ll shout at the top of their voices, and if you tell them to reduce their voices they’ll five you the meanest look ever.

2. He hoards the remote to “watch news”

They’ll collect the remote from you because they’re trying to watch network News and they’ll sleep off. But don’t even bother trying to be sleek and collect that remote. They’ll wake up and give you that same mean look.. Don’t try it.

3. He has 3 phones

Just so he can shout on more than one phone, he’ll buy three. And he’ll get about 10 different calls on each phone every hour.

4. He’ll never say “I love you too”

Bayo: I love you dad
Daddy Bayo: Go and fetch me a cup of water

5. He’ll eat amala at lease once everyday

If he doesn’t eat amala at least once a day, something bad might happen to him. He must also have about 7 pieces of meat. A man has to be a man.

6. He’ll have a wardrobe full of native attires he never wears

Full, as per, full to the brim. And he’ll keep sewing new ones because somebody’s daughter is getting married, or because his friend’s 60th birthday party is coming up.

7. You’ll go on errands “tire”

Every Yoruba father has Acts of Service as their love language. Know this, and know peace.



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