We’ve all had that dream that slapped and we wished it didn’t end because of your nonsense alarm or your siblings waking you up from sleep, especially when you’re at the point of eating one fire jollof rice or just about to kiss your spirit husband, wife or both. We know how frustrating it can be so we brought you this useful guide on how to continue your dream from where you stopped.

1. Sleep in the same conditions as the last time.

Put the AC in the same setting, lay your bed the same way it was when you last dreamed.

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2. Wear the same clothes you wore to bed.

Pyjamas? Naked? Three-piece suit? You have to wear the exact same clothes you wore the last time so that your body can get in tune with the mission at hand. You can’t be too hot or too cold.

3. Sleep in the same position

Do you usually sleep like the entire bed is your kingdom, or do you sleep on one tiny space because you still have PTSD from the time your girlfriend always pushed you to the edge of the bed? 

4. Replay the dream in your head from beginning to the end.

From the start, start replaying the dream exactly as it happened, without skipping any parts. Sleep that way. It’s important to get in tune with the dream world.

5. Manifest the dream.

This is the hardest part. You have to really focus on the dream and manifest it into reality as you fall asleep. If it’s spirit husband you were kissing, imagine his lips on yours. If you were about to eat one fire boiled egg and moi-moi covered in palm oil, imagine the smell of the sacrifice as you were about to eat it.

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6. Enjoy your dream.

At this point, your dream will start coming back to you from where you stopped as if you just pressed play on your Netflix. Just continue your dream and ensure that you finish it this time before you wake up because we don’t know how you’ll resume your dream again. Kiss your spirit husband (whatever else you want to do is not our business) Anything that happens after is not our concern. Good luck.


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