Today is Nigeria’s 60th birthday. Or, to put it in another way, Nigeria’s 60th Independence anniversary. All die na die, so there’s really no difference. Happy Independence Day, or Happy Birthday, both greetings are valid.

So, how do you, as a patriotic Nigerian citizen, celebrate your country’s birthday? Let us tell tell you:

1. Today, wear green and white.

The goal is to be patriotic, and you must show it with your dressing. We have a list of fashion samples that you can choose from:

Nigerian Beauty Queens Mark Independence Day With Cute Photoshoot -  9jaflaver
Serve us ojuju Calabar Nigerian heritage realness.
Or get one yard of white chiffon and drape it around yourself.
You and your babes can even wear andco to oppress the unpatriotic Nigerians on your street.
Or you steal a Nigerian flag and tie it across your body. We are against theft, sha. So if we hear that you stole, we will report you.

2. Throughout today, the only thing you must recite is the national anthem.

Confess it, declare it, mutter it, believe in it. Or do you want the compatriots labour to go in vain?

3. If you cannot do that, go to church to pray.

Pray for the peace of Nigeria. Refuse to eat or drink. Wear sack clothes to show God that you are serious. Change begins with you. Just take the first step and others will follow. And yes, God will reward you.

If you like, pray for Canadian visa. We will find out and beg God to not answer you.

4. Anybody you see tweeting bad-bad things about Nigeria, REPORT THEIR ACCOUNT.

Call police for them. Mention president Buhari under their tweet. How dare them?

5. In the afternoon, gather your people and go on a patriotic rally.

Rally oh, not protest. R-A-L-L-Y, that is what we called it for you. Something like this. You know, The Association of Nigerian Patriots.

You can shout at Nigeria any other day, but today is Independence, show some respect for the 60-year-old Nigeria, plis.

Happy Independence from all of us at Zikoko 🥳



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