Be an IG baddie

 IG is for photos and reels only. On Threads, you can become a thought leader on top of all the slaying.

Become friends with Zuck

We all know it’s Zuck’s app and he makes the rules. Become friends with him and start engaging with his posts. People will notice you because nepotism always wins.

Aggressively share relationship tips

People love love, and they love the people who teach them how to do it right. Become a virtual dating coach and see how many followers you get.

Start an FC fight

Threads is in its early days, so there’s no Wizkid FC yet. You can lead the charge by creating some division. Call Davido a new cat and watch how fast you blow.

Pretend you’re Elon Musk

Everyone knows Elon Musk is salty about the existence of Threads, so no one expects him to sign up. That’s your cue to rise to the occasion and pretend to be him for a while. Before people find out, you’re already popular.

Ask a silly question

We all hope Threads is an escape from the silliness of Twitter, but that’s where you come in. You’ll play devil’s advocate by constantly asking silly questions like, “Who should pay on the first date?” Your folk will find you in no time.

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