1. Who belongs in the kitchen?

A woman belongs in the kitchen. A man belongs in the kitchen. Everybody belongs in the kitchen. It’s where the food is. If you’re hungry, go and get it!

2. Who should make more money?

Why do you guys think the man should earn more? Why is it wrong if the woman earns more? Did she do it on purpose? Like “Oh I must earn more than my husband”? If your wife earns more, please be happy and supportive. It’s more money for the family.

3. Who pays on a date?

I can’t believe we’re still having this discussion. We had it before! But here: If you set a date up with someone who would otherwise be undisturbed in their house – and not spending money – you better be paying. It’s just courtesy.

4. Who provides money for upkeep in the family?

Do you both work? Yes? Then you both contribute what you can! If one of you doesn’t work, then the worker provides the money.

5. Who stays home with the kids?

*rolls eyes* First of all, the solution to this is easy. Who conceived the kids? Both of you, no? So just work out a schedule that works for you both. That’s actually not hard. If the kids’ school is nearer the husband’s office, should the wife still drive all the way? Does that make sense?

6. When you invite someone out, and they bring their friends, should you pay for the friends too?


7. When a guy and a girl or a group of people organize a hangout, who pays?

Split. The. Bill.

8. When you invite someone to come over, who pays for the cab?

If someone tells you to come over and you cannot afford it, say no. If you say yes, your transport is kind of your responsibility. No one sent you?!

9. On Valentine’s day, who buys a gift?

Valentine’s day is a day to show love. If you love your partner – and you have money – buy them a gift. All people need gifts.

10. Who should say ‘I love you’ first?

If you feel that your partner is not a demon and you arrive at this love crossroads first, by all means say it. It’s not a gender assigned duty by God.

11. Who decides when it’s time to get married?

See, before your partner goes and marries someone else while you people are still dating, you should discuss marriage. A LOT. So when it’s time, invariably, you would have decided together. So stop fighting yourselves and let’s all get along.


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