I’m confident I speak for more than half of Nigerian women when I say, people need to be more creative when asking girls out.

The standard “I see you as the mother of my 300 unborn children” line just doesn’t cut it anymore, and for the love of all you hold dear, don’t enter people’s DMs with:

Instead, here’s how she’ll know you’re serious:

Put her face on a new Naira note

Convince Meffy to include her in his Naira makeover plans. How will you do that, you ask? I don’t know, but love will find a way.

Don’t forget billboard banners

Since WhatsApp texts are ordinary, why not pop the question using billboard banners? She’ll fall in love. I assure you.

Ask her besties

If you don’t already know, her friends will be major stakeholders in your relationship (if she eventually says yes), so know where you’re applying pressure.

Just start living with her

Trust me, this works better than you’d imagine.

Beg her

She might just take pity on you and accept. Don’t knock it till you try it.

Get BTS out of military service

If she’s an ARMY, and you figure out a way to bring the Bangtan Boys back from their hiatus today, she’ll marry you in a heartbeat. 

Buy her creamy pasta

According to our sources, this has an almost perfect chance of success if you’re toasting a Lagos babe.

Money will always work

Money has this special way of activating feelings. Just send her money.

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