I’m not the biggest Kpop stan, but even I felt the shock waves the official confirmation of BTS’ hiatus brought to the entire fandom. 

Ugly tears are already flowing, but the group says they’ll reconvene in 2025 once their mandatory military service to South Korea is over. What’ll happen to BTS fans in Nigeria till then?

They’ll cry, obviously

Seriously, a whole three years till another BTS hit drops? Fix it, Jesus.

Operation back-to-back streaming

Since there won’t be new music for a while, we can hold the old ones tight. Thank God for last week’s BTS Yet to Come concert. They can hold on to the fresh memories of OT7 on stage, for the long road ahead.

Or maybe, start a GoFundMe

If there’s one thing about Nigerians, we love to throw money at people we love. Maybe if we raise enough, South Korea would decide to free BTS. Rules are meant to be broken, abi?

They’ll prepare for the worst

We’re so used to fake promises by Nigerian politicians that we automatically believe everyone is lying. Isn’t that how One Direction said they were only going on “break”? Where are they now?

Attack haters

Because we all know the ARMY has no chill. Anyone who talks anyhow, or says something stupid about the band never coming back, will definitely collect. Only antis and fake ARMY would even consider that.

K-drama to the rescue

At least there’s “K” inside. Again, only antis would listen to any other K-pop band while OT7 is on a break.

If all fails, they’ll organise vigils

Maybe prayer can help make the hiatus bearable as they supplicate for the Bangtan Boys’ safety.

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