Dogs, cats, and rabbits aren’t the only pets you can have. In your quest to think outside the box, you should consider having a ram as a pet. And if you do,  here’s what to expect with your new pet ram. 

1. Rams are low maintenance 

Pets are meant to be cheaper than having a child, and that’s why a ram is the best option for you. You don’t need to spend all that money to raise an animal when you can be giving Zikoko instead. 

2. Will fight your enemies 

Why have a pet that can’t protect you from your enemies? What will your cat do? Meow your enemies to death? A ram can use its horns to perforate anyone who dares to stress  your life. By the time people start seeing what your pet can do to your enemies, you’ll have fewer enemies. Unfortunately, the ram  will turn on you a few times as well, but that’s a price you have to pay to see your enemies destroyed. 

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3. You’ll become a trendsetter

Are you not tired of following trends? Won’t you like to start your own? Once people see that you have a ram as a pet, they’ll definitely want to copy you. T Before you know it, you’re an influencer. They may  laugh at you first o, but that how human beings usually resist change at first. As any revolutionary. Soon enough, they’ll follow your lead. 

4. LAPO no do reach this one 

There’s no poverty alleviation scheme as great as having a ram. They can help you keep your garden free of weeds. They also have wool you can sell, and if Nigeria continues to Nigeria, you kill am chop. Just make sure you give it a befitting burial sha. 

5. You can add it to your CV

“Ability to work under pressure, innovate, and start trends” are great qualities you can add to your CV. Owning a pet ram definitely bestows these soft skills on you. Training the ram might suck the youth out of you but think of the jobs you’ll be able to get after the experience. 

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6. The best conversation starter 

“Do you know I have a ram” will pique anyone’s interest. You’ll never be a boring person to talk to because everyone will want to know about your pet ram. People will be looking for you just so you can talk to them about your ram. Before you know it, you’re giving TED talks with your ram by your side. 

7. Fall asleep to bleating noises 

Instead of spending all your data on rain noises to block out the noise of generators, your ram provides you with a cheaper alternative. Fall asleep to the blissful sound of your ram bleating or sleeping. They may occasionally spit on you as they sleep, but what’s a little bit of ram spit when there are so many other benefits? 

8. Use horns as storage facilities

Instead of using your money to build more wardrobes to accommodate your ever-growing closet, you can use the ram’s horns as a place to put your hangers. Ram horns>>> cupboard. 

9. Will protect you from the cold 

They’re big and thick and covered in wool, so wetin be blanket? A blanket won’t lick your face or lovingly try to eat your hair. A blanket is terrible company, but a ram is not. 



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