Here’s What You Should Know About Social Distancing

March 19, 2020

Today, we’re going to set aside any memories of being members of the music, literary and debating or 2 Face fan clubs, to pretend that all we’ve ever been are Boy Scouts. Because if there was ever a time to be prepared, that time is now!

what is social distancing

With the coronavirus present in Nigeria and rapidly spreading around the world, this is the best time to prepare to ward off any chances of its occurrence in you or your household, by practising social distancing.

What is social distancing?

Social distancing is a way of cutting off or reducing physical contact with other people at work, school, church, mosque, essentially public spaces – to prevent and reduce the chances of the infection spreading.

what is social distancing

Imagine this…

You and your friends have a favourite barber. He takes a month-long break, so you decide to try one of the other three remaining barbers in the shop.

what is social distancing?

But here’s the thing, you’ve seen one of the barbers ruin a person’s hairline to the point where no amount of methylated spirit or prayers could bring it back. And you’ve heard how one of the remaining two is just as bad a hairline terrorist. You just don’t know who. They both look pretty capable.

what is social distancing?

Your best bet is telling yourself and all your friends to remain home, cutting their hairs themselves, until your barber returns from his month-long break, and the situation goes back to normal.

what is social distancing?

That’s kind of how social distancing works.

Currently, the world as we know is on a little break, with the coronavirus changing things up. Rather than take unnecessary chances with your health, especially knowing that some people suffering from the coronavirus don’t exhibit the typical symptoms like a persistent cough, a fever and difficulty breathing — the best thing is to avoid unnecessary contact with people, pending the time the disease is contained.

what is social distancing?

Should everyone observe social distancing, it will leave very little room for the spread of the virus, following which, an actual chance at containment can be realised.

How do I practise social distancing?

You can practise social distancing by limiting the amount of contact you have with other people.

what is social distancing?

Meaning, where you can manage it, take a break from public spaces like church, public transportation and going in to work. In situations where you can’t, it is advisable that you maintain a space of at least six feet from the next person, especially where they cough or sneeze. As it is believed that the virus, usually spread by mouth or the nose can travel distances that far.

Other safe practices to adopt while the coronavirus is contained.

Observe self-quarantine: This is where you remain at home, away from family or other inhabitants of the home, especially where you may be exhibiting early symptoms of the flu.

Practise self-monitoring: routinely check your temperature and watching out for signs of a respiratory illness like a cough, fever or shortness of breath.

Eating healthy to boost your immunity: stick on vitamin heavy foods and an immunity-boosting diet high in fruits and vegetables.

Remember, should you suspect that you or anyone you’re acquainted with, might have the virus, reach out to the NCDC on the following:

Toll-Free Number: 0800 9700 0010

SMS: 08099555577

WhatsApp: 07087110839

To test your preparedness for the virus, try out this quiz.

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