Men can never catch a break with women. It’s always one thing or the other with them. 

“Don’t approach women at the gym.” 

“Leave women alone once they say no.” 

“Don’t comment on women’s bodies.”

And now, it’s “Men should stop trying to sleep with their female friends.”

Ugh. Should we just stop existing? 

I don’t understand why women complain about finding male friends who don’t want to sleep with them. I don’t see the problem here. Because I’m your friend doesn’t mean I can’t find you attractive. Is it my fault you’re gorgeous? 

Honestly, what do women want? You have men fawning over you and it’s a problem because they’re your friend? Isn’t this a way to eat your cake and have it? You have friends willing to sleep with you with no strings attached, and you’re complaining? And I know for sure that these women also want to sleep with said male friends but they’re doing shakara. 

We guys think about having sex with a lot of women, so the fact that your friend is interested in you sexually, shouldn’t come as a surprise. We are men, and our higher testosterone levels make us think about and crave sex more than women. Sleeping with our female friends is a way for us to have sex with people we know, without any form of attachment. 

Also, do you know how hard it is to not try to have sex with a woman we’re attracted to all in the name of “She’s my friend”? So I find you attractive, but because I don’t want to ruin our friendship, I shouldn’t make a move to sleep with you? Fuck that. At least let me attempt, and if you’re not interested, I’ll back off. 

Women make sex a bigger deal than it is. If given the chance, I’d sleep with almost all my female friends (except the ones in relationships) because it’s just sex. It’s hard for men to have female friends and not want to sleep with them. We just try our best not to so you won’t get annoyed and end the friendship.

I need women to know it’s not that serious. Having sex with your male friends won’t ruin the relationship as long as you have rules and boundaries. It’s better than having sex with strangers. 

Yours Truly, 

A Nigerian man


By the way, in case you didn’t notice and you want to fight me, this is a satirical article. I’m not a Nigerian man, abeg.


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