Africa as a continent has a lot of catching up to do with the rest of the science world. Nigerians on Twitter re-imagined Albert Einstein as an African and their tweets were hilarious.

1. We wouldn’t be thanking anybody for bringing Facebook to Nigeria.

We would’ve had our thing since!

2. University lecturers and their wahala.

They wouldn’t let someone be great.

3. His mother still wouldn’t take nonsense.

Because, who genius epp?

4. His African mother would’ve caught him lying.

African mothers know it all!

5. NEPA would have still dealt with him…

They’re just the worst.

6. With their ways of disappointment and wickeness.


7. This would be one of his wise sayings…

So much depth!

8. Because scientists end up in various departments….

@Chydee #IfEinsteinWasAfrican

— Casper Troy (@CASPERTROY87) March 9, 2016 From the laboratory to the money market!

9. There would be small famzing.

Who no like better thing?

10. Nigerian universities, the Alpha and Omega of disappointment.

Admitting students for weird courses (that they didn’t apply for) since 1900.

11. Teachers’ minds would be blown to the ceiling.

As per genius.

12. African mothers be like…

Who Uranium don epp?

13. He would have been a doctor.

In an African home, you must be a doctor, engineer or disgrace to the family.

14. Or ended up as one of our secondary school principals.

And learned how to flog mercilessly.

15. He would’ve chopped random slaps from his teachers with this…

Because, absolute cramming is knowledge.

16. Would the world have believed him?

And accepted this very important equation?

17. The sorcery conductors performed with our change.

No more Danfo!

18. Would he have survived JAMB’s wahala?

No JAMB, No school.

19. To be realistic…

Some people ‘know’ better than everybody else in the world.

20. The theory of relativity of free food…

Eating food from Aunty Kemi is directly proportional to flying at the wee hours of the night.

21. He would’ve carted away with all the As.

Does Albert have two heads?

22. Brillant ad!

In this case, brilliant famzing.

23. Yet another brillant ad.

LMAO! Eating Jollof is an important key to success.

24. Our amala swallowing skills would be better.

Hot amala is not for the weak!

25. He would’ve looked a lot like Wole Soyinka.

The signature grey hair!

26. But unfortunately, our scientists hardly make the news.

But they are still very relevant and making changes in Africa!

What if the next Einstein is African?

Africans are already building solutions to some of the scientific problems troubling the continent.
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