What would you do if the Nigerian government blocked all social media apps for days because of some troublemakers?

Well, in Ethiopia, the most embarrassing exam leak happened when questions to an end-of-year exam which was to be taken by 254,000 university students leaked all over the internet in May.

And like typical Nigerian parents, the Ethiopian government blocked all the popular social media sites for few days, as per the students like pressing their phones too much.

Na wa o! Instead of them to tackle the exam malpractice problem directly.

Technology didn’t kuku stop people from cheating in exams before Twitter and Instagram were created.

But sha, can you imagine the Nigerian government taking this sort of ‘disciplinary action’ on its citizens? Very possible, right?

Nigerian students when they see leaked questions on the internet…

However, Ethiopians aren’t keeping quiet, the ones who currently have access to social media outside the country have condemned this action.

But the people that leaked the questions didn’t try sha. Let’s hope the Ethiopian government properly gets to the root of the problem.


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