If you live in Lagos or have paid even just a visit, you should know Lagos traffic well.

You just have to eat to distract yourself from the fact that you’re about to die in traffic. Here are some of the things Nigerians have come to recognise as traffic food.

Gala and La Casera

This is a timeless classic. For as long as I can remember, this has been the go-to. Delicious, filling and sooo refreshing especially when the LaCasera is cold, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Puff-Puff/Egg roll and Coke

You smell before you even see these. Some sweet angels display these delicious pastries in show-glasses. Even if you weren’t hungry before, you just might start starving. Wash it down with some chilled Coke and feel alright.

Pure Bliss and Hollandia Yoghurt

This is just pure milky goodness. A drug.

Plantain Chips and Fanta/Coke

Sweet and spicy, salty or plain, I really don’t see how you can go wrong with plantain chips. When you see this guy, just wind your window down and start shouting. This goes with pretty much any drink, to be honest.

Cashew/groundnuts/walnuts and Fanta

And if you’re not famished but only feeling a little peckish, these delicious and nutritious nuts have come to save you! Look around for your favourite drink, and you’re good to go… or not. There’s probably still traffic.

Boli and Groundnuts with Lucozade Boost

Plantain again! See, not all heroes wear capes. This is a delicious hero. Hot, fresh and filling, your mood will just elevate. Make sure you buy enough o! Just add Lucozade to boost your morale.

Corn and coconut with water

Boli and groundnuts’ brother that couldn’t attain the same greatness, corn and coconut can’t even be slept on. Boiled or roasted, this is always a good (healthy too) choice. Drink cold water, and you will just relax.

Popcorn and Fanta

Lagos traffic is always a movie, so trust me, the popcorn is going to come in handy. Just wash it down with Fanta to calm your navs.

Fruit and water

And for my fitfam, you can buy all sorts of fruit in traffic. From pineapples and pawpaws to apples and bananas, Lagos traffic has got it all trust me.


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