See, Fuji House Of Commotion was everything! Refreshingly hilarious with great actors and the catchiest theme song, Amaka Igwe really made my childhood with this. In fact, it’s still one of the funniest Nigerians comedy TV shows to this day. These are some of the funniest episodes!

The one where Ireti, Peace, Mama Moji and the children decided to move into ‘Aso Rock’ with Ireti and Chief.

The one where ‘kitchen practical’ prepared ‘Osramo Branus Mangus’ for the house to eat.

The one where Peaceful Peace jacked Ireti’s week with Chief.

The one where Mama Moji and Peaceful Peace redefined the art of being shady.

The one where Peace showed us how it feels to get ready for a night with bae and get stood up and the best way to handle it.

The one where ASUU went on strike and Chief’s children came home and started their own strike too and locked their parents out of the house for four days.

The one where Mama Moji, Ireti and Peace decided to spoil Chief for Valentine’s day. With absolutely no ulterior motives.

One of the many episodes where Ireti had to fight for her week with Chief.

These are just the episodes I remember o. I know there are a lot more, so share with us some of your favourite Fuji House Of Commotion episodes! Tweet us @zikokomag!


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