Gather round, there’s enough room in today’s free okada-ban therapy session for everybody.

As we all know, the Lagos State government has decided the motto for 2020 is ‘pepper-dem’, but not in the good way. The state has instituted a ban on okadas and keke-napeps from the plying major roads.

The ban came into effect on February 2nd and today – February 3rd, all hell broke loose for people just looking to get to work. Even students weren’t exempted.

From sob-stories to finessed remote days working, here’s how four people spent their mornings getting to work today:

Standing at the bus-stop? It could never be me.

What’s paining me with this whole ban thing is that; I actually woke up in a really good mood today. I had my bath, ate, was even jamming Naira Marley on the way to the bus stop until I saw the long queue at the bus stop in Iyana-Isolo.

I even tried for Sanwo-Olu, I waited like 10 minutes, maybe one bus will show. After that, mo ya look away. Went home to eat the remaining fried egg I left behind, sent an email to my supervisor explaining things. It’s not me you people will frustrate. – Olatoye.

If you see the queue to get a bus at Yaba today!

Na school I wan go, I no kill pesin. I have a GST 102 lecture on Monday mornings and I always try to get there early because once the Art Theatre gets full, just forget about any perfume you sprayed that morning.

If I had known it was fight I was going to fight on the queue to get a campus shuttle, wouldn’t I have just stayed home jeje? – Anosi

If you have a house in Ikeja, epp my life.

I stay in Mushin and my office is around Ikeja. Normally, I’d take a keke from Mushin bus stop to Yaba and find my way from there, but lo and behold, no kekes. I’ve never actually learnt the bus route or know if there’s even one.

Sha, I was lucky one of my colleagues got a lift from an aunt she was spending the weekend with, she picked me up from the bus stop and we got to the office together. How I’ll do it tomorrow, only God knows.

I didn’t even bother.

I live in Abule Egba and my office is in VI. I didn’t even pretend to go to work today. Thankfully, I work at a start-up and my supervisor agreed to let me come in three times this week until there’s a more permanent solution.

The only issue is just those three days, how am I going to manage the journey?

How did you get to work/school today?


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