It’s office end-of-year party szn, and just like with every event involving humans and alcohol, things could get weird. If you still want to be able to show your face at the office when you resume in January, these are the deadly mistakes you shouldn’t even dare to make. 

Taking alcohol

You want to go to your office party and drink there? I pity you. Do you know what alcohol does? You’ll just go and drunkenly gist your CEO about the group chat where you people talk and make memes about how she’s a terrible leader. 


You want to eat and still collect Christmas bonus? In this economy? Watch your HR and accounting people. They won’t eat. They’ll just sit in one corner and observe the people who are eating. When others are collecting Christmas bonus, those ones will get their regular salary. And how will they know? It’s not like anyone will reveal they got a bonus. 

Inviting your partner

Office end-of-year parties are for spending time with your office partner before you have to endure your actual partner over the holidays. Don’t mess it up by inviting them. 

Dressing well

We know you have great fashion sense. But dressing well means you’ll run a risk of outdressing some of the powers that be at the office, and na small thing dey vex people. You’ll now wonder why they’ve not promoted you in three years. Better be wise.

Also, you don’t need a promotion or raise if you’re rich enough to outdress the CEO.

Accepting an award

If you win an award, politely decline it. They’re testing how you react to praise and the spotlight. Rejecting the award will confirm you’re indeed a humble person who should be given even more praise and responsibility. It’s called reverse psychology.

Forgetting to bring up your compensation

What better time to walk up to your CEO and talk to him about how you need your salary to 2x in January than in the middle of his end-of-year speech. It’ll show that it’s important to you, and you’ll surely get what you request.


You’ve already failed if you attend the party in the first place. Attending a party when you’re supposed to be putting in extra hours? Going for an event where you know company resources will be spent? These sound like signs of a backward-thinking employee. Do better. Stay at the office and work. You’ll surely be rewarded for this act of punching above your weight.

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