Have you ever been in a situation where you had a lot of questions but no answers? Perhaps you were too shy to ask the people around you, or they did not have answers to your questions.

We can imagine the scenario.

1. You, with a burning question.

It’s been on your mind for days and you’re really dying to blurt it out, get answers and be clear.

2. But then you start contemplating.

Who should I ask? Google? Your parents? That seemingly mature person you roll with? The app lets you can call anonymous counselors for free.

3. But what if they flip out on you?

Imagine asking them a question related to sex and they accuse of having premarital sex? … This app will not flip on you

4. Or they start judging you and saying terrible things?

The app never judges.

5. Abi the ones that don’t know anything about what you’re asking?

And then they go ahead to give you the wrong advice. Wahala.

Now you’re more confused than before.

What does one do in that kind of situation? We will tell you.

Download the Frisky Mobile App.

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Frisky is a risk assessment mobile app, it shows you your sexual risk level either high or low when you respond to a set of questions

Frisky provides a confidential and non-judgmental safe space where young people can read and watch videos about issues concerning their Sexual health, relationships, and body changes all for free. 

The App contains in-app links that LinkUp, young people to a Youth-friendly health facility near them. You can also text, WhatsApp, or call a counselor to ask questions about your SRH through the App for free.

You can download the Frisky Mobile App here: http://bit.ly/FriskyByEVA



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