If you are going to buy a product, please know the name of the product. Stop making one brand the default name for every product. It is another level of tautology that makes us want to off cloth and flog you. Honestly.

1. “I want to buy Indomie, Golden Penny Indomie.”

Look, it’s either you want noodles made by Indomie or Golden Penny. Stop confusing people’s destiny.

2. “Give me tin tomato, the sachet one.”

How can you even want sachet tin tomatoes for crying out loud! Is it crack? Can’t you see that they are different?

3. “Do you have Maggi? Knorr chicken Maggi.”

As you can see, Obianuju, Knorr Chicken and Maggi are different products. One thing they have in common is that they are seasoning cubes. Inugo?

4. “Yes, 1 Bigi Cola, the Fanta one.”

Yoruba people do this a lot. Shebi you people can now see that both are different? You either want Bigi Cola, Bigi Orange, or Fanta. Which one is Bigi Cola Fanta?

5. “I want Close-Up. No, not this one. Dabur Close-Up.”

These are the kinds of people that want a “Male Sales Girl.” Shebi you can see that Close Up and Dabur are different? If you like go there and continue saying rubbish. They will beat you and come home.

6. “I want two Rite Gala.”

*deep sigh* They’re not even the same colour. You either want Rite or Gala sausage roll. You can’t want Rite Gala. Unless you mean something else though.

7. “You people don’t have Semovita? Honeywell Semovita.”

Okay, let’s explain it to you. Golden Penny Semovita and Honeywell Semolina are both semolina. Golden Penny chose to name their own Semovita while Honeywell left it as Semolina. Honeywell Semolina is semolina produced by Honeywell while Golden Penny Semovita is semolina produced by Golden Penny.



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