We appreciate comedians a lot. They do God’s work, make us laugh and ignore how this country is slowly coming down on our heads. Thank you. But you people need to start coming correct with your skit ideas. This is 2020, a knowledge update is needed.

1. Skits that propagate rape culture.

We all know these type of skits: most times, a guy buys something for a girl and expects sex and when she refuses, he takes her inside and haves his way with her then comes to tell his friends who cheer and call him bad guy while the girl slinks out in shame. Y’all should really stop this rubbish. Rape will never be funny.

2. Skits that try to discredit feminism.

Bold of you to think you can discredit feminism with your 1 minute concotion of a video, but okay. This kind of skit is easily recognizable: always features a lady who needs a man to feel complete, a lady who cannot do anything without a man, a lady who needs to be saved by a man and all the many iterations of that yamayama. Abeg x3.


3. Skits that normalise homophobia.

This one is rampant: sometimes it features a male comedian dressed in female clothing and coming on to another man and trying to ‘seduce’ by licking his lips and making gestures that are cringe worthy to watch. How does it end? Most times, a beating for the crossdresser or an unnecessary speech on how they cover their yansh with the blood of Jesus. Pfft. Save the blood of Jesus for something more reasonable, please.

4. Skits that glorify poverty and sufferhead romance as true love.

You know, my babe will leave a rich man and come to me who is selling pure water. Or, my babe will sit on the floor and drink garri with me because she loves me. If your babe does not do that, she does not love you. Oga, perish that idea. If I were a babe, you think I would join you to drink garri or sell pure water? Nah. Suffer your suffer alone, and leave me out of it.

5. Skits that normalise parental abuse.

Slaps and beatings that are very unnecessary to the sequence of events. Abeg ehn, because they beat you while you were younger does not mean you will make it the blue print of all parent-child relationships. There are genuinely funny moments in parent-child interactions that don’t involve beating. Dig deep and find it.Skits that normalise parental abuse. Because they did it doesn’t mean it’s normal. It’s up to you to break the cycle.



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