Monica Ugwuanyi, Is This Really The Best You Can Do?

October 22, 2019

‘Here ye, hear ye, the sovereign nation Nigeria is neck-deep in 190 million litres of faeces”

Excuse my vocabulary, I just happened to stumble upon an image that flung me headfirst, back into the middle-ages. Now what image could have the power to do that? You might ask, well here it is:

Do ye see we have a big-ass problem in this country?

Pictured above is the First lady of Enugu State – Mrs Monica Ugwuanyi, giving very, very unnecessary commentary on a child washing his hands with a device that looks like it stumbled fresh out of the 1800s.

I have four major problems with this picture and all of them have the ‘Ugwuanyi’ surname. Now I am not one to hate on other people’s wealth or the blessings life throws their way, blah blah. But is my good sis really wearing an Apple watch to launch a crude tippy tap for school children?

  • Out of the ₦5.52 billion budget set out for education in Enugu’s 2019 budget, was this really the best thing Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi could give students in the age of iPads and Virtual Reality learning?
  • Did she really need armed police present for the launching of a medieval handwashing system for school children?
  • If this is the kind of project the first lady’s foundation – Ugo’s Touch of Life is proud to be seen launching, complete with press, — is this country not in soup like this?

What’s so upsetting about these tippy taps is, they’re so easy to make, even children can construct them, and this is not an exaggeration. If the government is looking to be involved in the welfare and improvement of the lives of children (as they absolutely should be) can they please do something more reflective of the 21st century we currently live in?

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