6 Things That Actually Deserve To Be On The Naira Note

February 19, 2020

For too long, Zikoko has looked on while the true heroes of Nigerian lifestyle have failed to receive the recognition they truly deserve. Well not anymore.

From food staples that make sure our last ₦50 goes the extra mile. To electronic sets that make sure sleeping in darkness isn’t an only option; we present, our favourite unsung Nigerian heroes:


Friend of boarding school students, saviour to undergraduates. You can soak it or heat it up, garri always has you covered.

Little generators.

From I-better-pass-my-neighbours to those key to start ones, what Nigerian household is complete without a generator?

Big generators.

For the big shots and companies everywhere in Nigeria. a life-saver if ever there was one.


No matter how annoying these are, you can’t deny how great it is to dodge traffic behind one of these. We miss you, come back soon to Lagos!

Handheld rechargeable fans.

Nigerian brides thank you. Visitors to open-air festivals appreciate you, and those of us too broke to buy big size rechargeable fans pray for you, little handheld rechargeable fan.


For making sure we stay strapped on nights out and whenever our generators act a fool, you deserve many accolades.

What product deserves to be on the Nigerian Naira note?

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