They say you don’t know what you have until it’s gone. ‘They’ were correct.

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Prior to the lockdown, we had options. Laundry? You could take it to the laundromart. Need food? Mama Peace down the street had you. House cleaning, you had a guy for that. On and on it went, outsourcing the hardest parts of your life, so you had enough time to spend, wearing the same knicker with Lagos traffic every day of the week.

Which is why, with limited social contact, the reality of chores is staring us in the face and we’re having no choice but to stare back. Here are some chores we absolutely cannot believe we took for granted before the lockdown started:

Hand washing jeans

If you have a washing machine at home, you do not know what the lord has done for you. Bottom tier chore, would not recommend.

Brushing your teeth

Anyone else finding it really hard to clean their teeth daily, only to talk to themselves at home? Are we just disgusting?

Taking your bath

coronavirus in nigeria

Again, home alone. It’s difficult to find the motivation for this.

Applying deodourant

We’re counting this as a chore as well, there’s nothing you can do about it.

Cooking for yourself

The absolute ghetto. People used to do this for fun?

Sweeping your own room

Pro tip: dp not leave food under your bed for two days. You will come back to clean it yourself. It will not be pretty.

Changing a spark plug

If your generator hasn’t given up on you during the lock down, you don’t know what the Lord has done in your life.



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