If you grew up Christian in Nigeria, then you definitely have memories of children’s church. From the snacks that were always guaranteed to having to wait for your parents to pick you, this post will take you right back to those simpler times.

1. How you dress for church when your mother picks out your clothes:

Chai! See my life.

2. When your parents drop you and you see your noise-making squad.


3. That newcomer that doesn’t want to leave their parents and come to children’s church:

See this one.

4. When you finally graduate from the first bible to the second bible:

As a big boy.

5. When you use your offering money to buy ice-cream from that seller at the gate.

God, forgive me oh.

6. You and the rest of the children’s choir, singing in adult church like:

They will sha clap for us.

7. When you’re the first child to read the scripture during ‘draw your sword’.


8. Testimony time in children’s church be like:

What else na?

9. When all the children have to stay in the adult’s church for a special service.


10. The children’s church choreography starter pack:

Still don’t know what the gloves were for.

11. When your teacher picks you to recite the memory verse for the day.

Hay God!

12. When you see them bringing out biscuits and capri-sonne after service.

The best.

13. When you’re already too old but you don’t want to leave children’s church.

I’m not ready, biko.

14. You, when children’s church closes service before adult’s church.

You people should share the grace na.

15. When your friends have gone and you’re still waiting for your parents to come and pick you.

You know your parents are greeting the whole church.



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