Dogs are spoilt these days. Have you seen what dog owners on Instagram are feeding their pets? Foods with names you cannot even pronounce, much less afford. 

If you have a dog and want to spoil them, try any of the delicacies in this article and watch your furry companion appreciate you forever. 


With the way the economy is these days, is it not better to pick free food from the road and give your dog to eat? Will Busky complain? The answer is no. 

Your enemy’s American passport

This one is of no nutritional value, but nobody will arrest your dog for eating someone’s passport. How did the dog find it? That’s not anybody’s business. You know dogs: Destructive little suckers. Last last, you’ll spank it a bit, but your enemy will never travel again. 

If it’s a small dog, give it bread and beans

Its mates are growing tall, but it doesn’t want to? Never. 

Bread and coke 

You know how they say bread and coke is food for handymen and security guards. Well, if your dog’s job is to protect you, then it deserves such a meal too. 


Clearly glucose

Since dogs want to be running up and down like crackheads, fuel their passion by feeding them glucose. 


If your motto in life is “Take risk and succeed”, why not apply the same principle to your pet? Yes, chocolates are poisonous to dogs. But what if the dog likes chocolates? This life is once, please. 


Because this fruit was obviously not created for humans to eat, and dogs love it. Next time you think of eating pawpaw, ask yourself, “Is everything okay with me?”

Amala and gbegiri

Your dog has to be treated to quality swallow, and there’s no better swallow and soup combo to grace God’s good earth than this.

Dry gin

To fight the agbero, your dog must first be the agbero.

Your own food

Don’t let the enemy catch you lacking. Let the dog eat your food and you eat the dog’s food instead. That way, if someone wants to poison you, they’ll poison the dog. What greater sacrifice is there? And you? You can never die.

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