Look, if you read this and call me lazy, that’s your own business. Me I’m sha going to say my own. These 5 chores I’m about to list are annoying AF and, if you can afford it, should be outsourced to people willing to be paid for it.

1) Cooking

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All the stress you go through (getting the ingredients ready, doing the timing, mixing, stirring, washing up after etc) is just not worth it for one measly ass meal. This might sound like terrible advice but EAT OUT AND SAVE YOUR ENERGY.

2) Dishes

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The worst time to do this is after you’ve had guests over who, because they didn’t want to seem hungry, didn’t finish their food. So, now there aren’t just dirty dishes everywhere, there’s crusty and/or slimy food in them. Even worse is when you’re almost done and some asshole just shows up and drops their plate.

3) Bathroom Cleaning

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What the fuck is she smiling about??

This includes everything (toilets, bathtubs, sinks, floors etc). Having to be on your hands and knees for a long period of time so you can properly get rid of all the grime is the absolute ghetto! Your back and waist will hurt like hell for hours after.

4) Laundry

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All that scrubbing will leave your hands looking more wrinkly than a shrunken 85-year-old scrotum in cold weather. Then there’s hanging the clothes out to dry and taking them back in to fold.

5) Ironing

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No matter how hard you iron, the wrinkles just refuse to go away! Of course, you think the iron isn’t hot enough, so you turn up the heat and end up burning a hole in your favourite shirt. Mscthewwww.

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