It seems like making it in life is getting harder than it should be. So, to help speed up the process, here are eight sure ways to fake it until you make it.

1) Buy social media followers

To fake it till you make it, you need a bunch of fake people to witness your greatness. When you buy yourself followers, people will think you’ve made it in life and will follow you. Since we all know that the Universal sign of a made individual is having lots of followers on social media.

2) Fake your life like Louis Vuitton in Aba market

Fake everything about yourself. You need to be so fake, that NAFDAC is looking for you because you might be a counterfeit product. Everything about you has to be fake. Choose your fake persona carefully, and before you know it, you’re big.

3) Lie like you are interning in hell

When you choose your fake persona and buy a lot of followers, your next step is to lie like you and Satan are having a lying competition. Lie about breakfast, where you shop, where you work, where you sleep, everything. The best way to truly fake it till you make it is to lie about everything. Just randomly tweet “I am tired of having breakfast in Paris.” Nobody asked, but that’s what makes it exciting and provocative. It gets the people going.

4) Use an iPhone

What better way to fake it than to own an iPhone. Everyone knows that an iPhone is the ultimate symbol of wealth and power. What says powerful like carrying a phone with the logo of the forbidden fruit? It even still has the bite mark. Even if you have to steal, buy yourself an iPhone. It is the most important step in faking it.

5) Inspire to pespire before you retire so you can’t expire

Your picture captions don’t have to relate to the image or anything going on with life for that matter. Just join a couple of words together, sprinkle some random images, and ask some of your friends to comment saying things like “deep”, or “many won’t understand this”, or “word”. People will automatically assume you have sense and pay you to do stuff.

6) Have friends as fake as you

The only way to truly live a fake life is to have friends just as fake as you that can help cover for you when you slip up or are found slacking. Your friends should be faker than your fake designer and should be ready to fight for you whenever people call out your fake lifestyle. Also, how else will you be able to fake it till you make it without being “squad goals”.

7) Borrow like Nigeria

Nigeria is the perfect example of someone that is faking it till they make it. They keep borrowing to maintain this fake lifestyle, but it’s unfortunate that even after 60 years, Nigeria hasn’t made it. Maybe because the country doesn’t use an iPhone. Buying things is expensive, so why not just borrow them? The best way to fake it till you make it is to borrow everything you use. The phone? Clothes? House? BORROW IT ALL. When they said “borrow borrow make me shine”, they meant it.

8) Give yourself a standard

Set an impossible standard for yourself and constantly find new and creative ways to meet that standard. Do you want to be an influencer? Model? Actor? Tech bro? Whatever your chosen way of making it is, set a standard that will shake the world.

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