Pride month is gay Christmas that lasts longer than regular Christmas. This pride, here are few tips on how to be a better friend and ally to your queer friend.

1. Send them money

Times are tuff, sapa left and right. What better way to support your queer friend?  Empty your bank account dear, especially if you have pounds. That one is highly essential.

2.Check on their mental health

Don’t be this person

They deal with so much bullshit living in this country and no one should have to go through all that, to be honest. Be a good friend, check up on them and just listen sometimes.

3. Buy them pride merch

Pins, totes, shoes, clothes, straps, yes dear all the works. Buy it.

4. Affirm their pronouns and correct people who dead name them

Not just during pride month, of course. Do better by your trans/ non-binary friends, please. Correct people who deadname them even if they are not present. It’s really not as hard as you think.

5. Buy them a ticket to another country

This is very important. You might have to sell your father’s car, your mother’s favourite gold chain or even empty your piggyvest, but it’ll be worth it when you see them flourish in a country that isn’t trying to kill them.

6. Lend your voice in asking the government to repeal the SSMPA

The SSMPA has hurt so many queer people and set us back, but not for long. Lend your voice, protest with them, sign petitions, trend their hashtags. #RepealSSMPA.

7.  Share your Netflix password so they can watch their favourite queer shows

Give them your password so they can watch their fave queer shows this month and experience queer joy.

8. Don’t speak over them when it comes to queer issues

Not just during pride month, of course. Remember to do this always. When it comes to queer issues, your voice shouldn’t be louder than theirs since you don’t experience it first hand. Learn to take a step back and listen sometimes. E get why. Please it’s pride month, let’s not fight.

9.  Send more money

Open your pocket, your purse and your bank account! I can’t stress this enough.

Na gay dey reign!


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