If you’re a regular at Bukas, chances are that you’ve experienced one of these:

1) Getting extra fisi from your server.

Real recognize real. Extra plantain or meat is a whole mood.

2) When someone helps pour water to wash your hands in an Amala joint.

It’s known that the best Amala joints don’t have functional taps and nothing beats the bonding between Amala brethren.

3) The look you give when they add plenty plenty stew.

Especially on rice!

4) or when they call you customer.

And ask after your whole family.

5) When someone passes you cold water.

Especially as you’re battling Ogunfe.

6) The solidarity when a customer informs you that a particular stew is not sweet today.


7) Or, they point you to the generous server.

My G!

8) That customer that helps you clear a table when your hands are full.

The very best!

9) After a sumptuous meal and someone passes you toothpick and napkin.

This must be heaven. I can cry.


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