Sea school is a citizenship and leadership training center with a branch in Apapa. If you had ever gone, then this article is like taking a walk down memory lane.

1) Endurance walk

The endurance walk is an approximately three hour walk from sea school to Tarkwa Bay beach. Imagine trekking for three hours just to go to the beach. God should please take control.

2) Obstacle course

When you get into sea school, you are divided into teams. It is then with your teammates these tasks are done. The obstacle course was just a thing of pain and suffering. Why will I be swinging from ropes like a monkey and running when nobody is chasing me?

3) Mesh pans

Do not get disturbed if the first time you saw a mesh pan was in prison, sea school is more of a military training ground, so all is well.

4) Metal buckets

The buckets that carried some of the dirtiest water known to man-kind. You will put antiseptic in the water, and the antiseptic will run out screaming.

5) Variety night

Each of the teams will put on a show, and everyone had to participate. This was basically your chance to impress your crush with your talents.

6) Morning workouts

Being woken up with a loud bell, and then the co-ordinators barging into your rooms to bring out people still sleeping just so you can do exercise was probably one of the wildest things about sea school. Doing rain and thunder at 6:30am was not fun.

7) Crabs

During some of the obstacles, you were to crawl on the floor. Wahala for who crabs decide to disturb.

8) 12 ft wall

The joy on your face when you finally get all your teammates over that dreadful wall>>>>

9) Water Baptism

How were they just throwing teenagers into the ocean like that? Sure they gave life jackets, but they really put people’s lives in the hand of the jacket that could barely float and shirtless men.

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