For this to work, you have to pretend that you’re watching a cooking show with me as the host.

Hi. 👋

Welcome to the first episode of the weekly series named Grandpabbychuck’s Recipes. In this first (and probably last) episode, I’ll be teaching you about the ingredients you need to make Yoruba tomato stew, even though I’m equal parts Igbo, Benin, and 1/16 Hausa. (Don’t think too much about it.)

Let’s get a-cooking.

1) Pepper

A constant.

2) Tomato

Because your stew absolutely has to have tomatoes in it. To do otherwise would be insane, right?


3) Onions

For flavour. If you don’t cook with onions, your food is trash. And that’s that on that.

4) Pepper

5) Any dead animal of your choice.

Chicken, turkey, rabbit, horse, etc.

6) Pepper

7) Curry & Thyme

I’ve come to the conclusion that no one knows what these things do in food but we use them anyway because they make us feel fancy.





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