The Zikoko WhatsApp Group is one funny community. Everywhere you turn, there is one person displaying a character that will make you laugh or make you serious. After observing them closely, we realise that writing about them is a must. So, ladies and gentlemen, we present to you, types of people you’ll find in the Zikoko WhatsApp Group.

1. Those who use their quiz results to brag.

You see these ones ehn, Jenifa has nothing on them. Let them score 15/15 in this Nollywood Quiz or find out that they are Adesua Etomi in this Sugar Rush Quiz and that’s all. The whole group will not hear word. We kuku stan them. They make everything lively.

2. The ones who will argue about the slightest thing.

These ones are the Annalise Keating and Kemi Olunloyos of the Zikoko WhatsApp group. Say something that does not agree with their spirit and they will drag you to the Supreme Court for it. They better hurry up and start a law practice so we can start calling them to defend us.

3. Those who only observe. They don’t participate in conversations but they won’t leave the group.

The ‘mashure’ ones. Metuselah has nothing on them. Far be it from them to comment, even if a giveaway is being done. They just rush to read every Zikoko post and do their mouths kpim.

4. The older generation who are low-key members.

Mummy wa and Daddy wa of the Zikoko WhatsApp group. They are our parents’ age in a group filled with young adults and their bants. They chuckle every time they see the title of the weekly sex life article, but they will still read and share with their own children as warning.

Sex Life: Rediscovering Sex After 3 Divorces And 6 Children

5. The admins who are always walking around in boots looking to kick out anyone who posts non-zikoko links.

If you are in the Zikoko WhatsApp group, you better keep your bitcoin links and your broadcast messages to yourself. Don’t even ‘mistakenly’ post it. You see these admins, prison guard no strict reach them. Just mess up and they will push you outside the gate. Their network no dey ever fail.

A Week In The Life Of A Prison Warder During A Pandemic

6. Those who share the weirdest stickers.

You see these ones eh, they are probably richer in stickers than they are in money. If Forbes decides to do ’30 Under 30′ billionaires based on stickers, we know those that we will recommend.

Anyway, what’s your net worth? QUIZ: Can We Guess Your Current Net Worth?

7. Those who show face once in a while to type “Mad o”, “LOL” and disappear again.

These ones are the younger siblings of the ‘mashure’ ones. Younger siblings, because they still drop comments once in a while. Make a mistake and remove them and they will almost rip your clothes for denying them premium content.

8. Those who have lengthy and sensible conversations.

They arrange everything logically and show you why you are wrong for holding on to your negative opinion. They don’t want to be lawyers, and they don’t want to be teachers either. But misyarn and they will arrange you with points.

Which category do you belong to?

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