If any of these veteran Nollywood actresses were to be a mother-in-law, what kind would they be? Wicked? Nice? Carefree? This post tries to imagine it all.

NB: This is not a reflection of their true personalities.

1. The one who will help you care for your baby.

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She will help you back the baby so you can relax. With her, you don’t have to worry about bathing the baby because you know she will handle it. And she will. She will back him, stroll around with him on her back, and play with him. At night, she will insist that you let the baby sleep in her room.

2. The one who will accuse you of bewitching her son.

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If you want to have peace, just tell her son to always visit her and send money every week unfailingly. Because if this does not happen, she will not hesitate to say that you are keeping her son from her and maybe you have used jazz on him.

3. The one who will assist you to collect extra money from her son.

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Just talk to her and she will devise the means. She is fun-loving, and enjoys a good time out. Her son will give her everything she demands. And she knows it too.

4. The one who will set you up with potential dates so you can make money.

And she doesn’t even consider it serious. She understands that you are a beautiful girl. In her prime, she was the hottest chick in town and all the men wanted her. She has developed her tricks from there. You’ll be her protege, and if you play your cards well, you’ll never have any problem with her.

5. The one who is a slay mama herself.

Dresses to kill, might have a sugar baby on the side. Has no time for any crying baby. When she comes visiting you, she spends a long time on her phone. She has an Instagram account and a Facebook account. Each she dresses up, she asks you to take pictures of her.

6. The one who will demand for male children.

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She likes you, but she will like you more when you produce a male child. Her belief is that male children will help carry on the lineage. It will take a long time to change her train of thought.

7. The one who is studying for her PhD.

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Education matters to her, and each time she comes visiting (which is usually once in a while), she reminds you not to get carried away with the distraction of marriage. She is quick to remind you of her many degrees, quick to tell you of her plans for the future. She might end up as a professor.

8. The one who will always take your side.

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Even if you are not her daughter, once she loves you, she loves you. It doesn’t matter what anyone says. So whenever your husband reports you, she is quick to take your side whether you are wrong or not. She will support you as opposed to supporting her son. Once her son leaves though, she will state the areas where you are at fault.

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