Nigerian parents have proven to be the same everywhere. Do you want to win their hearts? Follow our list to become their favourite child. If you don’t think your parents have favourites, well, you need this article more than you think.

Call them regularly 

You already knew this — constant communication with someone makes them more fond of you, talk more of Nigerian parents that love gist. Whether it’s gist about a relative, gossip about church people or an annoying co-worker, they’re there for it.

Send them pictures 

Forget all the love languages you think you know, this is what your Nigerian parents want — especially if you don’t see them often. Send them pictures of your day, of you with your friends, at work, in church, everything. 

Even though they’ll always see something wrong, like your hair, dress, makeup or bikini, they’re lowkey excited. You’ll be giving them pictures to update with a  “my priceless jewel” caption on their Wuzzsup.

Stop pressing your phone

They’ve made it very clear that they hate the sight of you pressing your phone, imagine how happy they’ll be when you actually decide to stop. 

We’re not saying it’ll be easy but love is sacrifice, right? 

Introduce them to your friends 

Remember when you were younger and your parents kept complaining about you always going over to your friends instead of them visiting you? Well, turns out Nigerian parents don’t like to feel left out; they actually want to meet your friends and infiltrate your circle. 

Give them grandkids

From what we hear, Nigerian parents become softer when they have grandkids, so having a baby is your opening to steal their love and affection. 

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Become a doctor 

One thing parents love more than grandkids is having a child they can brag about. Adding “Doctor” to your name will make your parents love you even more. I mean, who doesn’t want to be a “Mama/Papa Doctor”? 

Be the first or last born

We don’t understand why this works, but it does. If you’re already a middle child, *tears* wake up and claim a different position. If they ask you, just say you’re born again and that’ll be the end of that conversation. 

Follow them on social media 

You may not know it, but your parents see your follow-back on social media as a stamp of validation. It means you rate them and it shows. Before you know it, you’re bonding over funny memes and the latest trends. I don’t see how you’ll not be their fave after that. 

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