It is normal for humans to get less tolerant of certain things the older they get. You tend to start paying attention to certain things and get more annoyed by them. Here’s a list of things that get more annoying the older you get:

1. Unnecessary Noise.

Why is the neighbour already shouting by 8 am in the morning?. It honestly makes no sense. The older we get, the more peace and quiet we want in our lives. Easy, please.

2. Lies and Liars.

Hmm, Yoruba men are about to leave the chat. No one is going to beat you if you tell the truth. Lies are not only annoying, but they are also very disrespectful. No adult has time to deal with incessant liars. If you really need to lie, please talk to a wall. T for Tenks

3. Tasteless food.

Tasteless food is annoying, whether you are old or young, but tasteless food bought with your last cash is the most annoying. Buying food with your last cash and not enjoying it is enough to ruin your day.

4. Slow and lazy people.

Be fast please, no one has time to waste.

5. Persistent phone calls

Instant messaging exist for a purpose; if you’ve called more than once and the person has not picked up, just send a text. Persistent phone calls are only acceptable if you want to dash us money.

6. Kids

Children are so annoying, especially the ones who don’t come with a return policy. Yeah, they are cute sometimes- when they are not asking you one million annoying questions. “Aunty Joke, how do you know my dad?”

7. Work

It’s 2021, money should have started growing on trees by now. The concept of work is so annoying and unnecessary. Can’t we just sleep and wait till the money comes to meet us?

8. Living with your parents

Living with your Nigerian parents would test your patience in more ways than you can imagine. Even when you know you love them very much, you’ll still be annoyed with them 24/7.


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