Not everyone is great at conceding when they’ve lost an argument. If anyone says these eight things to you during an argument, just end it because you’ve won, but at what cost? 

1. “We’re cool.”

What they mean to say is that they will never forgive you in ten years. If you just finished arguing with someone, why would you ask them if you guys are still cool? What if they say no and beat you up? If anyone tells you this after they’ve lost an argument, they’re detty liars.  

2. “Whatever”

Simply means “e pain me die.” When someone says this, that’s when you know that you won the argument, because who says, “Whatever” like that if they’re not pained? 

3. “Let’s agree to disagree” 

This means that they think they are right but they don’t feel like arguing. Except, sometimes, they’re not even right, but it’s okay to help people salvage what’s left of their dignity I guess. 

4. “Let’s dead the issue”

This means that they can see that they are wrong but please let’s end it there abeg! If you are pro-peace, you can be a better person, but if not, and usually not, you can keep arguing until they admit that they were wrong. 

5. “Okay, and?”

This means they are close to tears and the next thing that comes out of your mouth will set them off. It’s times like this that you should choose peace sha, except you’re an evil spirit.   

6 “I’m not raising my voice!”

They usually say this while raising their voice, and it means that they are frustrated and can’t hear themselves. The best thing to do is to let them calm down. Sometimes, if they refuse to stop shouting, you too shout back, life is not that hard. 

7. “That’s grammatically incorrect”

The moment someone starts correcting your pronunciation or grammar during an argument, they are either an English student, an editor, or they know they’ve lost the argument. Smh! 

8. “You’re right”

This should mean that they are grown and can admit when they are wrong but according to the official Zikoko statistics, 99 per cent of the time, people say, ‘You’re right,” just so you’ll shut up. Nigerian men can relate, they pretty much invented it. 

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