Nigerians and body shaming people are 5 and 6. They don’t seem to have a boundary on what is body shaming and what is a joke. They just go with the flow. If you are one of those who do this, you better stop it. Not everybody can handle these comments.

1. Ahan, see how skinny you look. Are you sick?”

A lot of skinny people have been told this several times. It can be annoying.

2. “Just be eating everything you see. Small time, you will not be able to pass through this door.”

Because of course, being fat is deemed unpretty.

3. “Shortie-shortie. You look like a bottle of Malt.”

Nawa. He say na “unladylike.”

4. “Look at your stomach, are you proud of it?”

The point is, why can’t I be proud of my stomach?

5. “How come you don’t have a beard at this age? You’re not a man, you’re a woman.”

And the many other variations it can come in. What sort of thinking is that?

6. “See how tall this one is. Electric pole.”

What will you people not complain about in this life?

7. “This one you’re black like this. Better be bleaching so you can find husband.”

Meet Khoudia Diop, Stunning Charcoal Black African Model

Again, *sigh*

8. “Honestly, fair-skinned guys are not real men.”

This level of thinking sha.


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